SVK/SVKG/SVV Check valve



Product Description

Check valve is used to close the vacuum channel and maintain the vacuum level in the system when some vacuum suction cups are not attached to workpieces. Most check valves have an internal spring, which requires a larger suction volume to close compared to the suction volume required to keep them closed. However, KPA check valve does not have an internal spring, so the suction volume required to close the KPA check valve is equal to the suction volume required to keep it closed. Therefore, a vacuum generator with a lower suction rate is needed for the KPA check valve. The suction cup is pressed against a non-porous surface by the vacuum. The ball inside the valve remains in the open position, ensuring that the vacuum is maintained in other parts of the system even if the workpiece does not cover the suction cup or detaches from it during handling. The airflow pushes the ball valve against the valve seat, maintaining the vacuum in other parts of the system. When blowing, the ball is pushed out of the valve seat, opening a larger cross-section circuit and allowing for extremely high vacuum flow. As a result, the workpiece can be reliably and quickly released.
Highlights: Ball valve seat structure, available in two versions with top external thread (SVK type) or bottom external thread (SVKG type).
Advantages: Close unused suction cups, maintain system vacuum, compatible with most types of suction cups.