AFT Floating edge deburring tool

  • Floating Grinding toolCFAUTO AFT


Product Description

  • Maximum Speed: 19,000 rpm / Power: 130W
  • Maximum tilt angle of 5°.
  • The spindle direction is freely adjustable 360° with a 13mm range of motion.
  • The Z-axis direction can be contracted by 8mm.
  • The spindle can be selected and installed by the customer. A Ø30 spindle can be paired with an AFT30, while a Ø40 spindle can be paired with an AFT40.
  • The floating force can be controlled via a pressure valve.
  • Suitable for deburring various workpieces, and edge grinding can be performed using a robotic arm or dedicated machine.
  • The characteristic of the AFT series deburring tool is that both radial and axial forces are generated by compressed air pressure, which can be adjusted.
  • When using an electric air pressure regulator, the required air pressure can be adjusted during deburring operations.