Electric Gripper Series/Voice Coil Actuator/Servo Electric Cylinder

Electric Gripper Series


  • The DH series electric gripper is a small-sized gripper with an integrated servo system, which is leading in the domestic market. It can replace the traditional pneumatic system consisting of an air compressor, filter, solenoid valve, throttle valve, and pneumatic gripper.
  • The DH series electric gripper supports flexible gripping, which allows it to grip fragile and deformable items such as glass test tubes, eggs, and PCB soft boards, something that pneumatic grippers cannot achieve.
  • The end-effectors of the DH series electric gripper can be replaced at any time, and users can design their own end-effectors based on the items they need to grip, ensuring that the gripper can complete the gripping task to the greatest extent possible.
  • The DH series electric gripper is compatible with collaborative robots such as Universal Robots, AUBO Robotics, ELLITE Robotics, TM Robot, and industrial robots.

Voice Coil Actuator


  • Compact design, thin and light. The thinnest product thickness is only 16 mm
  • Soft landing. Contact the surface of an object with high speed and low force
  • 3 working modes. Velocity mode/Torque mode/Position mode
  • Application scenarios. Hi-speed pick and place/ Precision machining/ Automated production line



  • with high energy density, heavy load capacity, and compact design. It can be applied to various application scenarios to complete complex tasks such as pick and place, arrangement, and handling.

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