Pneumatic Nipper


  • Blade replacement is easy, allowing for on-site operation and reducing maintenance downtime, thereby enhancing work efficiency.
  • The main body is constructed from aluminum material, making it lightweight and convenient. It features a pneumatic adjustment valve that allows for force adjustment based on the work requirements.
  • The pneumatic shear machine can perform different blade tasks with a single unit.
  • It can be used in conjunction with the entire factory's automated equipment.
  • The blades are crafted from specially treated steel material. In addition to being more efficient than traditional tools, they can cut materials that traditional tools cannot handle. These materials include molybdenum wire, iron wire, copper heads, plastic injection molding, resin, terminal caps, bare terminals, power cord fasteners, copper tubes, woven fabric, plastic leather, clamps, and other components. Specialized blades can be manufactured to provide a diverse range of options.

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