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SFG Soft Finger Gripper
SFG Soft Finger Gripper is an innovative flexible clamp that imitates the starfish design and simulates human grasping. It can achieve bending deformation by inflating, adaptively wrap the target object to complete the grasping action; it achieves reverse deformation by pumping to complete the placement or pre-grasping action; due to its good compatibility, diversified types and gentle action, it is suitable for grasping most items of special shapes and vulnerable items.

ISC Inner Soft Clamp
ISC airbag internal support clamp is an innovative soft fixture, whose design is mimicking self-defense morphology of puffer fish. Through inflating air with pressure, the fixture can expand and complete internal support grasping. Since the pressure of input air can be precisely controlled, the grasping force on fixture to working piece can be controlled, which is not easy to damage workpiece.

MVG Mini Vacuo Gripper
MVG Mini Vacuo Gripper features bionic design that mimics the chameleon hand. Vacuum driven, small size, easy to use in arrays. It features simple structure, lightweight, easy to operate, flexible grasping and controllable force, and stronger scenario adaptability. Moreover, it boasts flexible grasping without damage to the workpiece. The product provides many types of plastic heads and supports customization with higher flexibility.

NBM Nimble Bubble Module
NBM Nimble Bubble Module is a new type of flexible end-effector. It is made of special soft anti-skid and anti-friction silicone with the advantages of large airbag expansion range, good flexibility, low cost and flexible installation. It can be freely combined with multiple modules to quickly form flexible clamps of any type, and boasts high flexibility and high load.

VEC VanDer Waals Force SuctionCup
VFC van der Waals force suction cups are inspired by the observation and imitation of the microscopic characteristics of gecko feet. Through special polymer materials and um-level surface micro-molding processes, the suction cups can generate strong intermolecular forces with the surface of various objects to absorb The strength can reach 0.5kg/cm2.which greatly expands the application scope of automation equipment.

The SCB pneumatic control module is a dedicated control module for the flexible fixture, which can output the safe pressure that the flexible fixture can withstand, which cannot be met by conventional business sources. The pressure of the inner body of the clip can be adjusted through the control module to achieve precise control of the gripping of the flexible clip.Among them, the SCB-PBS high-protection pneumatic control module features high protection level and is suitable for operation in harsh environments such as dusty, oily, and humid environments.

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