ACVM Ceramic Vacuum Chuck

  • CFAUTO ACVM series
  • CFAUTO ACVM series


Product Description

  • Dimensions: From ACVM-5050 to ACVM-500400
  • Customization available for special sizes
  • Modular design, can be installed on any equipment or robot
  • Dual air hole design, allowing both vacuum suction and air blowing functions
  • Flatness: 0.01~0.05mm, can be customized according to customer requirements
  • Two air supply modes: Vacuum suction and air floatation blowing
  • Utilizing porous ceramics with pore sizes as small as 0.002mm, capable of adsorbing various-sized workpieces on the same ceramic working surface. Characteristics include high precision, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and durable wear-resistant ceramic suction cups.
  • Used for functions such as cutting, grinding, positioning, object suction, and transfer in automated equipment. We offer customization of porous ceramic vacuum suction cups, widely used in industries such as panels, semiconductors, and screen printing.