ATS/ATV130 Large area vacuum gripping system



Product Description

  • The ATS/ATV130 vacuum gripper is suitable for capturing products with different industry characteristics and can handle a variety of product specifications. It offers the flexibility to choose between standard suction cups or custom-designed suction cups based on actual application conditions, and different-sized suction cups can be freely combined and used in coordination.
  • The option to include a self-closing valve technology addresses challenges such as significant vacuum leakage, uneven surfaces, and irregularly shaped workpieces.
  • The vacuum source can be either internal or externally connected, providing options for users.
  • When using the internal plug-in vacuum generator, there is lower air consumption, higher vacuum flow, and shorter vacuum creation time.
  • For specific applications, the vacuum source can be externally connected, making it ideal for pairing with electrically driven vacuum generators such as blowers or vacuum pumps.
  • The integrated plug-in vacuum generation device allows for individual configuration and quick disassembly based on changes in working conditions.
  • Its modular design makes maintenance easy. Additionally, reserved interfaces allow for the direct attachment of functional components to the suction cup, optimizing processes and promoting environmental conservation and energy efficiency.
  • The main body of the suction cup is made from aluminum alloy, engineering plastic, and carbon fiber composite, providing high strength and lightweight characteristics.
  • The suction cup installation is simple, with a built-in T-shaped movable mounting slider that allows for fixing the suction cup and installing sensors or other components.
  • Rubber seal pad accessories can be quickly replaced when needed.

3D Download

ATS130 Foam Grippers(Built-in vacuum generator):

ATSF130 Foam Grippers(External vacuum source):

ATV130 Rubber Grippers(Built-in vacuum generator):

ATVF60 Rubber Grippers(External vacuum source):