Flexible Fixture


MODEL Flexible Fixture

Product Description

Flexible Universal Fixture

  • Applicable for: Laser Marking Machines, CNC, Assembly, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Automation
  • Adapts to Any Shape: Can mimic any product shape, locking securely in place after forming the desired shape
  • Precise Repositioning: Consistent positioning after release, eliminating any gaps in orientation
  • No Harm to Products: Non-damaging to workpieces, crafted with precision for superior quality; features a smooth and rounded mirror-finished stainless steel pinhead to prevent workpiece damage effectively
  • Rust-Proof Construction: The pinhead is made of 304 stainless steel, while other components are constructed with stainless steel or high-strength aluminum, ensuring long-lasting rust-free use
  • Each steel pin can extend independently. After clamping with the black handle, the fixture takes its final form
  • Dust-Free Design: The dust removal port allows compressed air, water, or oil to clean the fixture (cleaning time varies depending on usage conditions)
  • Quick Change and Multi-Angle Fixation: Release the handle to reset the fixture, allowing for easy re-clamping of new products
  • Customizable in other sizes and pneumatic models

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