FA Flexible adaptive gripper series

  • Flexible adaptive gripper CFAUTO FA series


Product Description

  • safety:Composed of flexible materials, it does not cause pain even if someone's hand is accidentally caught. Its inherent safety makes it suitable for interaction with humans, making it ideal for use in research and service fields.
  • without damage:The material is soft, and its elastic structure can compensate for excessive external forces, ensuring damage-free gripping of objects. It is particularly suitable for damage-free gripping of items such as fruits, glass, ceramics, powder injection molded objects, and objects with high surface requirements.
  • single gripper compatible:It can adapt to the contour of objects, allowing a single gripper to grasp different shapes, sizes, and irregular workpieces. It is highly suitable for gripping irregular objects and flexible production of various specifications on a production line.
  • saving money and time:There is no need for quick changes when grasping object ts of different specifications, making it efficient and cost-effective. Custom machining of gripper shapes based on the workpiece's shape is unnecessary; it's ready to use, saving time and labor.


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