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  • Soft
    Bionics structure design and covering clamp enable the soft grippers to grasp the objects with centimeter-level adaptive ability. Facing the soft production line of small-batch and multi-batch in the factory, Rochu can effectively save the switching time of the production line. Can adapt to most industrial scenes with 300 times/min opening and closing speed, ±0.05mm precision, millions of times service life, 9kg maximum load, good chemical and temperature resistance.
  • SafeRochu’s soft gripper is made of pure soft material and possesses adjustable clamping strength, making it safe
    to pick and place soft and flimsy objects. To deal with vulnerable and fragile products, Rochu’s soft gripper can not only avoid damage but also avoid
    scratches on the surface while the safety of the operator is also guaranteed. The material has obtained FDA Certification and can be in direct contact with food.
  • Easy
    The standardized finger module makes the construction of soft gripper as simple as building blocks and saves
    design time. Rochu Control Unit is equipped with a standard communication interface, which is seamlessly matched with all kinds of mechanical arms and PLC, as easy as using a USB flash drive. The controller has a wireless remote control function and built-in air source (ACU configuration), which is convenient for installation and adjustment. It can also be used in the mobile working environment without an air source.。


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