KMP Large area vacuum gripping system



Product Description

  • KMP is a non-standardized vacuum gripping system equipped with self-sealing valve technology that automatically detects and shuts off positions that are not in contact with the workpiece. Additionally, it employs flow valve technology to compensate for vacuum leaks by extracting large volumes of air while minimizing leakage. This allows for the use of the same gripping tool without the need for re-adjustments or program changes to accommodate various working conditions.
  • The system can be configured with appropriate sealing pads to ensure a good fit, providing long service life and strong sealing performance.
  • The internal design of the gripping tool features a self-sealing valve chamber structure, and the hole shape, spacing, and quantity can be custom-designed according to specific operational requirements, maximizing compatibility.
  • The vacuum source can be equipped with a highly efficient, energy-saving, and low-consumption multi-stage jet technology vacuum generator. Alternatively, an external vacuum port can be used to connect an electrically driven vacuum source, with the option to choose between dual turbo high-pressure air pumps or vacuum pumps. This enhances operational speed while reducing energy consumption.
  • The system can be complemented with vacuum valve controls, vacuum detection sensors, and dropped part detection sensors. It also includes mechanically-reloading floating flanges, installation components, and pipe joint fittings, offering comprehensive support for automated systems.