KGS Vacuum generator



Product Description

Product Features:

  • Fast suction speed, high vacuum level, and low air consumption.
  • Suitable for workpieces made of non-porous and loosely breathable materials.
  • Compact and lightweight design, resistant to dirt and dust, and simple structure.
  • Optional external muffler for noise reduction.


  • Efficient and energy-saving vacuum generator that quickly reaches maximum vacuum level.
  • Effectively compensates for leakage.
  • Can be selected according to different operating conditions.
  • Long maintenance intervals, easy cleaning without the need for tools.
  • Suitable for use in confined spaces with limited weight, easy installation.
  • Significantly reduces product noise.


  • Multi-stage vacuum generators are suitable for handling cardboard boxes, packaging materials, and breathable materials.
  • Used in conditions that require high vacuum flow, fast suction speed, and low air consumption.

Lightweight and compact vacuum generator tube.
(1) Casing, (2) Vacuum tube with different performance parameters for matching.
(3) Gas supply port for direct insertion, horizontal exhaust component with or without muffler.
KGS series generators can be directly connected to suction cups.
Standard configuration with A-type mounting thread.


  • Integrates various types of suction cups and modular designs together, greatly simplifying the selection and installation of vacuum systems.
  • Offers energy-efficient, highly reliable, and widely distributed vacuum systems.
  • Modular design enables quick and convenient installation, ensuring economic efficiency and reliable operation of the vacuum system while providing convenience to customers.
  • Energy-efficient, low-noise, high vacuum level, large flow rate, and easy maintenance.